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Bed of Thornes by Angel L. Woodz

Veronica Thorne is nearing her 30th birthday. An established painter who is quite comfortable financially, owning an art gallery in Dallas, TX. She has
never questioned who she is and what she wants in life, until now. Veronica has an addiction, one that she is losing all control of.

Adrian, younger and open-minded, becomes a part of her mysterious world of secrets. Each of them swirling in unknown desire-filled paths, not knowing where
their lives will lead from this. One afraid, the other wanting to embrace the beauty of what they consider darkness.

This is an Amazing Read, it has some hawt, Hawt, HAWT SCENES! I love the Characters. I cannot wait for more from this Author. –Amazon Reviewer

Let me start by saying this book is H-O-T-T HOTT!!!! It pulled me into the story right from page 1 and there aren’t many books that are able to do that.
It’s a pretty quick paced, easy, enjoyable read. Did I mention hot?! While reading I felt there was a close resemblance to Fifty Shades of Grey but at the
same time it is completely different. There are a few similarities between some background happenings but not in the characters by any means. –Amazon

I was given this book as an advanced read. I wasn’t sure at first but, this book caught my attention. It is definitely a must read. The characters are
relatable and easily likable. I can’t wait fi,ethe next book in the trilogy. Do yourself a favor and read this book. –Goodreads Reviewer

With a passion for reading and writing since youth, Angel excelled in such subjects through her school years and won various awards for her written work;
Speeches, Shorts Stories, Song Lyrics, Poems.

Her love for books grew stronger through the years. It wasn’t until recent that she decided it’s time to share her love of stories with the world. Now
published, her passion has consumed all of her time outside of being with her family and friends. Inspiration comes in many forms for her work, music being
one of the top tools used during her writing process. She was raised in a very musical and quite talented family that has always given her inspiration in
countless ways.

Expect an abundance of upcoming titles in the works from this Author to be released to the public very soon. With the massive [and beyond appreciated]
support of family/friends, fans/followers, readers and fellow Authors; Angel L. Woodz is heading straight to the Next Bestselling Author lists.


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