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Find Me (Found Duet Book 2)
by Laurelin Paige




OMG one moment life is so perfect, so in sync with a man that in just a short time you know you cannot live without..One day he is there and the next he is gone..Your left feeling so empty, so lost..You find someone to erase that feeling for even a minute, you take it..But Gwen had no idea that things were about to change..JC was about to come back with a vengeance to steal her Love back..Would you be skeptical about everything, would you be scared to Love again..What happens when the biggest bomb is about to blow that Love apart without taking your feelings into consideration..I know one thing is for sure JC and Gwen have an undeniable connection..The Sex Is So Hot
Must read Free Me first…


“God, I wanted those hands out and open and on me. Yearned for them to brush across my skin, to peel me from my clothes, to ease the throbbing in my head and heart and between my legs. They were weapons, I decided. If they touched me like I wanted them to, they?d burn. And if he left after that? their absence would destroy me.”

“he just held me and kissed me. Kissed me until time stilled and I was aware of only us. Kissed me until my lips felt swollen and bruised . Kissed me until I was reeling and dizzy and out of breath.”

“The smell of him still clung to my clothes, and the feel of his kiss was imprinted everywhere his lips had traveled. His words from earlier played in my ears on a loop. ?I?m still in love with you.?


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